BESTARD AGRICULTURAL PLACEMENTS is a full-service recruiting agency specializing in professional agribusiness industry career and contract positions. Our simple, effective and economical approach has proven beneficial to leading agricultural companies in all sectors of the industry.

  • We know the industry
  • We know your business
  • We know the talent you need to grow your business
  • We know how to find the candidates you need
Our process is:
SIMPLE: We do all the searching, initial interviewing, reference checking and referrals of only the most qualified candidates. There is no need for you to search through and screen hundreds of applications and resumes.
EFFECTIVE: Our industry experience and connectivity ensure that only qualified candidates are recommended. We pre-screen extensively prior to referring the best candidates to you.
ECONOMICAL: We work to your agenda by collaborating with your HR personnel and/or your hiring managers to ensure that your daily business activities continue uninterrupted and job vacancy time is reduced.
Using a matchmaking approach to achieve the results you need, we only refer candidates who:
  • Are qualified to fill your position
  • Have been pre-screened and fit your company profile
  • Are interested in your position
  • Would accept your position if it was offered



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